Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nessen Family Pics 2012

                                             Nessen Family- Oh How I love them all

                                              My Uncle Kirk and his sweet little family!

                                             The Whole fam and the crazy fun grandkids-

  My Auntie Patti and Uncle Dirks fam- Cousin Gentry is on his mission so they used a card board cut out- love it! 
                                             Aunt cindy and Uncle Rex's fam- So dang cute!
                                   Aunt Tammy and Uncle Byrons fam- Love Them

                             My siblings- How blessed could I be????

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skydens Big Blessing day!

 Our family all ready to go to church and bless this little man- It was easter morning - so we could do a double celebration day! Oh I love my little family!
 Daddy and Skydens hands- LOVE IT!

 Holy chubby muffin- sorry! I didn't realize how large I am, Besides that I love the pic of all the great grandparents !

 Here's a pic of all the great grandparents and grandparents- SO BLESSED!

A quick garza pic1 

Big Numero Cinco (5) haha

 Kenna is officially 5... going on 15- She had her fun friends birthday party at McDonalds then off to the park with the fam for some more gifts the next day-
 Kapree, Brooklyn, Taylor, Kenna, Kendyl and Tasian
 Gifts from the friends
 And some more gifts from the fam- One spoiled girl !

Tasians big play day!

 Tasian had a play that was about insects- It was so stinking cute! I am so proud of that little man!

Goodbye Cinnamon... Hello Easter!

 Well 3 days after having Skyden we said goodbye to our sweet little doggy Cinnamon- It is not a good idea to get rid of a dog you LOVE when your already an emotional wreck- But we chose to give her to a family who had more time for her- We are always on the go, and she can't come all the time so we needed to find her a home that had more time and attention to give- We know she is happier there! but it is still sad to have her be gone-

 All the kiddies lined up to hunt easter eggs on grandpa's hill- I LOVE this tradition!

 It wouldn't be easter without Jardee showing some skin-
 They definitively found the goodies
While tyke stayed back and loved on skyden! SO CUTE!

A day in the life of McKenna

 She is the bestest big sister ever- She loves to hold her baby brother any chance she gets-
 All glammed up for a tea party
 I went downstairs to do some vinyl and this is what I walked in the bedroom to- Her reading to Skyden and being so sweet-  (Notice the dolls in the background don't leave her sight)
 He loved it! Precious!

 Once again... Her dolls go everywhere she goes- Oh this girl is so sillly
Can't get enough of her baby brother

Some hospital fun... and meeting the fam!

 This was his first little tubby right after we had him... He hated it!! poor little man was freezing- I don't blame him, I would scream too!

 All better with daddy-  It was a loooong night, so any sleep we could get the next day... was needed!
 And the amazing uncles that came to visit- Love them! Jeremy wanted to make sure he was the first brother to visit, so we knew who loved him more- haha

 Tasian and Kenna Loved him right from the start- They just melted my heart when I seen how happy they were, I think we will keep him!

 Grandma and Grandpa Garza

 Great Grandma and pa were home for a few days from going to Yuma for the winter, so were glad they got to see him before they flew back-

 Mike did a quick pic with my mom- Love it!
 I just love my grandparents- I feel so lucky to have them in my life, and for wanting to be such a big part of it!
 A whopping 3 days old-
 My cute friend gave him a motorcycle diaper gift- We loved it! It took me forever to take apart cause I wanted to make sure everyone seen how cute it was before I used the diapers and stuff from it-

Great Grandma and Pa Huff were able to come see him when he was a week old- I just love them and how cute they are with their grand kids- I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who can share this exciting new addition with us!

halloween 2